Baltican Civil War

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Baltican Civil War
Peacekeepers in Baltica 1.png
Foreign troops arriving in Kauni
Date27 February 2022 – present
(4 months and 6 days)
Status Ongoing

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Commanders and leaders
Dokestva Jonas Banis

The Baltican Civil War is an ongoing internal conflict in Baltica. It began in early 2022. Since then, the conflict has split the country into five competing factions. Some factions seek to control the entirety of Baltica, while others wish to form their own independent states.[1]


The conflict began on February 27th, after Baltican President Algridas Banis suffered a stroke and was subsequently incapacitated. This then signalled several movements across the country.

Major factions

Some separatist movements are pushing for independent ethnostates, revolving around the country's two main ethnic groups: Dolchs and Ras. Others movements push for one state dominated by a single group. Groups such as the Kauni remain neutral in the conflict and instead are maintaining their own territory.

International reaction

Several countries around the Wurld have deployed troops as peacekeepers and intervening and stabilising forces. However, other countries have taken a more aggressive stance on the conflict.


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