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Ghobari Valley

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The Ghobari Valley rim as pictured just north of the village of Lupimbini

The Ghobari Valley (Mahanan: Ghōbārī Upatyakā, घोबारी उपत्यका), also known as the Ghobari River Valley is a geological valley that stretches from southern Mahana to northern Mekabiri. The city of Ghobari is also located within the valley. The valley was historically home to civilisations such as the Ghobari Valley Civilisation and the Ekaviri Empire. The Ghobari Valley is most well known for being the founding place of Gaism, and remains a location of religious importance.


The ancient city of Ghobari lies in the northern section of the valley, being the first officially established city in Mahana and the historic capital of the nation. The valley was also later named after the city, with the ancient name of the valley being; 'Jalajan'ya Upatyakā' or 'Jalajanya Valley'. The valley ends in the north at the Samripe Mountain Range, specifically Mount Phinavākara.

Running through the middle of the valley is the sizeable River Ḍaralāgdō which provides the valley with fertile lands and biodiversity.



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