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Quiet War

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Quiet War
Part of Grand War
From top, left to right:
  • Panedonian armor rolls into Schlammburg unopposed.
  • Dolch police arrest anti-Imperial politician
  • Imperial ships off Panedonia
  • Rally after Imperial victory
Date13 April 2022 – 18 April 2022
(5 days)
Status Dolch Imperial Victory
Main Belligerents
Commanders and leaders
  • Dolchland Heinrich Johannes von Ausburg
  • Macklenover George IX
  • Bessen-Katzenelm Ernest II
  • Panedonia Friedrich VII
  • Wurveria Wilhelm V
  • State of the Order of the Dagger Dietrich von Krieger

The Quiet War was a brief, mostly bloodless, conflict over Imperial power in Dolchland. With the growth in power of the Imperial Government, owing to its alliance with Great Anglia, tensions were rising between the traditional rivals of Habstria and Panedonia. With it obvious that the Emperor had begun to rapidly consolidate his power, Panedonia felt pressured to remove the emperor as quickly as possible and set forth with military action. The resulting conflict showed the new proficiency of the Imperial Army versus the older model Dolch army doctrines.

Anticipating the coming attack, the Emperor ordered a military evacuation of Imperial Schlammburg to both spare the city damage and throw off the enemy. When Panedonian forces arrived hoping to capture the Emperor, they entered the city unopposed. At the same time, Imperial units across the center of Dolchland pushed east, quickly occupying several cities sympathetic to the Panedonian cause. In the south, the Dolch Imperial Navy rounded the country and made quick landings in Panedonia, resulting in a quick occupation of Schlammburg, the capture of Friedrich VII, and the collapse of the Panedonian allies.