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Grand War

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Grand War
From top, left to right:
  • Battle of Broerland
  • Destroyed Qubdian tank
  • Sinking of the ANS Javelin
  • ANHCR refugee camp in Wajoka
Date10 April 2021 – present
(3 years, 2 months and 1 week)
Status Ongoing
Main Belligerents
Commanders and leaders
  • Great Anglia King Creighton III
  • Suverina Nikolai Dănilă
  • Dolchland $personName
  • Azuria $personName
  • Côte de Fourrure $personName
  • Tengrolhan Chugund Khababri

Supported by:

  • Alshamal Grand Vizier Mamadou bin Sambo
Units involved
Qubdi Qubdian Armed Forces

The Grand War is an ongoing global conflict. In April 2021 the Kingdom of Great Anglia initiated the conflict with the Battle of Broerland by moving its armed forces across the bridges spanning the gap between Great Anglia and Lysia.[1] The conflict is motivated by Anglian imperialism.[citation needed]The war has since expanded greatly, and conflicts are now taking place on multiple continents. The international community has condemned the Anglian aggression.[2]


The OCA pact is signed between Anglia, Suverina, and several Azanian nations catering the alliance that would end up starting the Grand War.

The reasons that led to this conflict were many years in the making. In Great Anglia, the ruling monarch King Creighton III was a proponent of expansionist annexation of the rich Occidental neighbouring states. Evenly inspired and intimidated by the country of Adaptus, another militaristic neighbours, the Creighton directed the military to target other countries which would be less likely to retaliate. This included Lysia and Suverina. Another factor in this decision was the pacifist political stance of these countries, viewed by the Anglians as weak and negligent.

Across the Raga Sea, over in Amutia, a long-running dispute of the exact border location between Suverina and Qubdi had festered for many years. The lands in question had been in dispute ever since 1961, when Suverina annexed the non-declared area without official negotiation between the two states. Tensions increased in early 2021 when Qubdi unilaterally pressed on with its own version of the border claim.[3]

Course of the war

State of the conflict in February 2022.
  Anglian or allied occupation zones
  Anglian allies (incl. OCA)


  • 10 April 2021: Battle of Broerland where the Anglian Army crossed the bridges spanning the gap between Great Anglia and Lysia (SDC).[4]
  • 16 April 2021: Treaty of Tarentum was signed, where SDC formally surrendered to the occupying Anglian Forces.[5]
  • 22 April 2021: Suverina requested Anglian support in their ongoing border dispute with Qubdi.[6]
  • 26 April 2021: Battle of Allaena where Qubdi launched an invasion of the disputed border zone between themselves and Suverina.[7] The conflict expanded from its original Occidental theatre into Amutia as well.
  • 26 April 2021: Treaty of Chisinau signed between Anglia and Suverina.
  • 30 April 2021: Battle of Hamama where Anglia forces assaulted Qubdian positions across a disputed zone.[8]
  • 15 May 2021: Battle of Antakya resulted in the collapse and retreat of Qubdian forces in Suverina.[9]
  • 15 May 2021: Occidental-Azanian Pact signed between Great Anglia, Suverina, Noble Nykia, Afropa, Abantium, Yien, Norrium, and Alshamal. The conflict expanded into the Azanian theatre.
  • 15 May 2021: Coup in Alshamal removed Grand Vizier Mamadou bin Sambo, replacing him with a figurehead King.
  • 26 May 2021: The Anglian warship ANS Javelin sank off the coast of Wajoka.[10]
  • 26 May 2021: Throughout Argis and Alharu the Anglians launched a diplomatic offensive to sway public perception.
  • 16 June 2021: Anglian Naval forces opened fire on Wajokan positions.[11]
  • 16 June 2021: Border conflicts were observed in Azania between OCA and non-aligned nations, such as Mawlika and Arrif.
  • 16 June 2021: Anglian and Shendaoan officials meet, establishing Anglian influence in Southern Alharu. Both Fulgistan, and Rhava condemned the leader of Shendao, Zhu Dongguan.[12]
  • 29 June 2021: OCA invaded much of northern Azania, including Wajoka, Cabarria, Mawlika and Alshamal.[13]
  • 11 August 2021: Seylosian First Fleet intercepted the fleeing Ryderian fleet, saving it, and the Ryderian government-in-exile, from destruction by pursuing Anglians.[14] Conflict expanded into the Adlantic theatre.
  • 25-28 August 2021: In a show of defiance, the Meteorolan states of Ayubi and Damak Var participated in the EOS Navy combined training Exercise Taming Trouble.[15]
  • 17 September 2021: Anglia and their OCA allies completed the capture of nearly all of Western Europa. However, resistance fighters continued to wage guerilla wars.[16]
  • 30 September 2021: The Orinese government announced extra funding for defensive cooperation throughout the Oriental Ocean.[17]
  • 7 December 2021: Tensions between the OCA and EOS continues to mount, while the latter increased its air force sorties over the Strait of Saeida.[18]


Anatean soldiers are nearly hit by an Azurian mortar in their defensive positions. At the time of the photo, the Anatean military has suffered a series of losses against the combined Azurian/Anglian assault.
Kasekan painter Itzel Tlalli visited the Kasekan/Xioan border and created this piece while volunteering at the Xiaon refugee border checkpoint.
  • 1 January 2022: King Creighton of Great Anglia made a public speech to defend his country's expansionism.[19]
  • 1 January 2022: Seylosian ships spotted frequent convoys arriving from Europa heading to Dolchland.[20]
  • 28 January 2022: Great Anglian and Suverin military forces began to mass on Bashan-Suverin border.[21]
  • 2 February 2022: Anglian naval vessel, the ANS Cockchafen shot down Gallambrian naval helicopter in international waters.[22]
  • 22 February 2022: A failed mediation attempt took place in Red Iberos, revealed Roiters News.[23]
  • 6 March 2022: Anglia began full deliveries of weapons and war materials to Dolchland. Emperor Johannes of Dolchland was confirmed to be almost in total control of the country after accepting Anglian support.[24]
  • 1 August 2022: The Entente of Oriental States decided to hold its annual military exercise in Ayubi and Damak Var.[25]
  • 20 August 2022: The Occidental-Azanian Pact began open support for Côte de Fourrure, sending weapons and money to the nation. It also claimed the right to intervene if Côte de Fourrure is attacked. Seylos sent forces to Bashan and Dolchland demanded trade concessions from Iwenland.[26]
  • 27 September 2022: Tagmatium began to supply arms to Zaxar in case conflict broke out between it and Côte de Fourrure.[27]
  • 8 October 2022: Zaxar officially declared war on Côte de Fourrure. The OCA assembled two carrier fleets to be sent to defend the nation. Azuria invaded Anatea with Great Anglian support.[28][29][30]
  • 8 October 2022: EOS warned OCA not to provoke an attack by entering Meteorolan airspace.[31]
  • 13 October 2022: Dolchland launched an invasion of Iwenland and demands territorial concessions from Velaheria. Dolchland warns Seylos and Delamaria not to interfere or else war will be declared. Seylos calls for an Argic defence alliance to be formed to counter Anglian and Dolch expansion.[32]
  • 15 October 2022: Great Xio declared war on Azuria, sending a naval fleet to Anatea to deploy armed forces.[33]
  • 16 October 2022: Great Xio's troops arrived in Anatea. A partial mobilisation of military forces is declared in Stedoria.[34]
  • 17 October 2022: Sefesia invaded Great Xio after a devastating blow to Xio's army in Nanhong[35]
  • 21 October 2022: Dolchland declared war on Seylos and Delamaria, greatly escalating the conflict in Argis.[36]
  • 24 October 2022: Tagmatium sends a naval force, consisting of the aircraft carrier BPP Agios Maiorikos and its strike group, to Kirvina, in order to dissuade Anglian meddling. [37]
  • 30 October 2022: Three Anglian navy ships entered the Konstantinopoli Sea for a patrol to allegedly test the reactiveness and monitor signal response of EOS ships.[38]
  • 1-10 November 2022: The Entente of Oriental States held Exercise Vigilant Twilight near the Strait of Saeida.[39]
  • 4 November 2022: Iwish forces were forced to retreat quickly to avoid the rapidly advancing Dolch forces.[40]
  • 6 November 2022: After an ultimatum delivered to Dolchland the previous day demanding it cease its war on Delamaria, Iwenland and Seylos, Tagmatium declared war on the Argic nation.[41] Tagmatine air and naval forces began to strike Dolchic military targets soon afterwards. [42]
  • 15 November 2022: Stedoria officially announced the beginning of hostilities against Dolchland.[43]
  • 4 December 2022: Tengrolhan with the support of OCA forces invaded Advocatius[44]
  • 12 December 2022: The Battle of Montpellier began between the forces of Advocatius and Tengrolhan[45]
  • 20 December 2022: Tengrolhan with the support of OCA forces invaded Ionio[46]
  • 20 December 2022: After a successful air and naval campaign against forces on the south coast of Dolchland, Tagmatine naval forces moved into Morthal Bay and began striking targets on the western coast of the country. [47]


Pair of soldiers on a Galahindan beach are seen looking out at the ocean where the plume of smoke rises from the carrier, whose magazine had gone up just minutes before.
  • 1 January 2023: Following Anglian strikes against Iverican naval bases of Altaria, Manille and Ultramares, the Federated Commonwealth of New Iberium declared war on Anglia in.[48]
  • 12 January 2023: Battle of Tasun ended in Advocatian victory with Operation Excelsior, halting Tengrolhan's advance.[49]
  • 28 January 2023: Tagmatium announced a programme of humanitarian and military aid for Qubdi in its ongoing conflict with the OCA. This represented a significant increase in tension between the Greater Holy Empire and the OCA.[50]
  • 3 February 2023: After simmering tensions finally rise, Machina Haruspex declared war on the Occidental-Azanian Pact.[51]
  • 19 February 2023: In Suverina the anti-Anglian party Egalitatea held a large protest.[52]
  • 22 February 2023: Tengrolhan attacked the Ionian cities of Monterosso and Tropea initiated the Battle of Monterosso and the Battle of Tropea.[53]
  • 24 February 2023: An Anglian fleet led by Grand Admiral Cartwright arrived at Galahinda and began landing troops on its eastern coast. In Cascadia, Seylosian forces began their own landing.[54]
  • 26 February 2023: After its ultimatum over the presence of a suspected Anglian naval build-up near the island of Galahinda goes unanswered, Tagmatium declared war on Great Anglia.[55]
  • 27 February 2023: Feeling pressure that Galahinda would not be able to be taken, King Creighton ordered half of the invading force to directly attack Cascadia. The resulting Battle of Cascadia ended in a Seylosian victory, forcing the surrender of half of Cartwright's fleet.[56]
  • 21 March 2023: After months of rising tensions, Skibbenon, an ally of Dolchland, invaded its southern neighbour of Aurivizh with Dolchic and Anglian support.[57]
  • 23 March 2023: Advocatian Frigate Forward Unto Dawn was sunk off the Tengrolhan coast.[58]
  • 25 March 2023: The Battle of Monterosso ended in Ionian victory.[59]
  • 27 March 2023: The Battle of Tropea ended in Ionian victory.[60]
  • 22 May 2023: Advocatius successfully defeated Tengrolhan during the Defence of Hovd, and organised a counterattack to take back all lost territory in Operation Kotov Syndrome.[61]
  • 30 May 2023: The Battle of Montpellier ended in Advocatian victory, lasting over 181 days, making it the longest battle of the war.[62]
  • 27 June 2023: Advocatius launched its invasion of Tengrolhan during Operation Papercut, fatally crippling their Navy and Air Force.[63]
  • 27 June 2023: After 3 months of stalemate, Ionian military forces successfully launched Operation Vendetta and invaded Tengrolhan.[64]
  • 18 July 2023: Advocatius launched an assault on the Bana River Basin resulting in the capture of Tengrolhans second city, Henin.[65]
  • 1 August 2023: North Adlantic Union, Iwish, and Iverican forces accepted the surrender of all Dolch Imperial forces in Iwenland, effectively ending the conflict in the country.
  • 4 August 2023: Ionian and Advocatian military forces began the Siege of Kahram, the last stronghold of Tengrolhan.[66]
  • 10 August 2023: Ionio and Advocatius succeeded in completing the Siege of Kahram with Operation: Phoenix decreeing the defeat of Tengrolhan.[67]
  • 25 August 2023: The Henin Conference marked the official end of the Shfakien War and divided Tengrolhan between Ionio and Advocatius.[68]
  • September 2023: Missing.
  • October 2023: Missing.
  • November 2023: Missing.
  • December 2023: Missing.


  • January 2024: Missing.
  • February 2024: Missing.
  • March 2024: Missing.
  • April 2024: Missing.


The conflict is still ongoing.

International reaction

LAANN on May 1st imposed a stop and search embargo on all shipping to and from Great Anglia.[69] Neighbouring countries also responded. Tagmatium imposed their own sanctions the very next day.[70] Haruspex deployed troops along their southern border with Tagmatium.[71] By May 12th the EOS publicly announced their own sanctions.[72]

On July 13th President Deborah Van Roose of Delamaria announced a series of sanctions on Great Anglia and other members of the Occidental-Azanian Pact, as well as a stop and search embargo on any ships or aircraft in Delamarian jurisdiction.[73]


WIP: potential conclusions.

  • Europa
    • The mounting Anglian defeats in its war finally sealed Great Anglia's fate. Disillusioned Anglian citizens and soldiers stormed the royal palace in Godstone. An interim government came to power. However, it also proved to be unpopular, providing an opportunity for "Neo-Imperialists" to lead a revolt from Lysia. With most of the army destroyed or defected, the interim government was forced to request aid from the Assembled Nations. This started what would eventually become the largest AN peacekeeping operation in history.
    • Suverina came out of the post-Anglian conflict rather stable, as they began to align themselves more with Tagmatium. However, the Suverins weren't spared from the ensuing civil war as "Neo-Imperialist" belligerents from neighbouring Lysia began crossing the border, with only a small AN detachment to stop them.
    • Swamped by refugees from the former OCA nations in Azania, Qubdi is at a tipping point of total anarchy as its government fails to provide both for its people and the refugees.
  • Argis
    • The pre-emptive establishment of an AN mission in Dolchland, much with the same intention as those in Great Anglia, gave its people the go-ahead to stage a full-scale uprising against the government. The country is split between "Neo-Dolchists", religious fundamentalists, ultranationalists, and Morheimian militiamen.
    • Alright everyone, the fate of Dolchland has been decided. Following military defeat in Iwenland, "Dolchland accepts defeat and sits down for negotiations. We reach whatever agreement we come up with and after the peace deal the current Imperial government is deposed and replaced with a new Emperor. This emperor essentially allows the restoration of the confederacy system reducing the Imperial government back to its pre war form. This new weakness allows for the growth of all sorts of new political movements which allows for a fun free for all for any nation wanting to dip their toes in the madness."[74]
  • Alharu?
  • Aurelia?
  • Assembled Nations. International judicial court to find and punish shadowy cabal of leftover imperialist remnants. (Finally something that's not about war, but about punishment.)


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