Delamarian Army

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Delamarian Army
Armée Delamarienne
Delamarian Army Badge.png
Badge of the Army
Founded1 April 1819; 203 years ago (1819-04-01)
Country Delamaria
RoleLand warfare
Part ofDelamarian Armed Forces
HeadquartersLandstadt Building, Labrador
Commander-in-ChiefDeborah Van Roose
Chief of the Defence StaffHenry Willoughby
Chief of the Army StaffGeneral Robert Meyer
RoundelRoundel of Delamaria.png Roundel of Canada – Low Visibility.svg
Patch FlagsFlag of Delamaria.jpeg Fin Flash of Delamaria – Low Visibility.png
EnsignDelamarian Army Ensign.png
Aircraft flown
HelicopterCC-17 Wiscoa, CC-20 Wiscoa, FH-17 Green Falcon, NH-2 Idahan
TransportCC-144 Challenger, CC-150 Polaris, CC-177 Globemaster III, CC-295 Kingfisher

The Delamarian Army is the land warfare component of the Delamarian Armed Forces.