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Heraldry of Ahrana

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Greater coat of arms of
Greater Coat of Arms of Ahrana.png
Greater (royal) version
Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Ahrana.png
Middle version
Lesser Coat of Arms of Ahrana.png
Lesser (state) version
ArmigerAleksandra V. A. M. Chayka II
Adopted1 July 2020
CrestCrown of the Imperial Household
Torsetasseled strings Or
BlazonGules lion with a coronet Or armed and langued Azure holding in his dexter paw a sword Argent hilted Or and in the sinister paw seven arrows Argent pointed and bound together Or
Supporterstwo wild men armed with clubs proper
OrdersOrder of the Elefant
Other elementsThe monarch places this coat of arms on a mantle Azure with Fleur de Lys lined with Ermine. Above the mantle is a pavilion gules again topped with the royal crown.

The Coat of Arms of Ahrana has three total versions that are used throughout all Government offices at the Federal Level, Greater, Middle, and Lesser Versions. As Ahrana is a Confederation of States the Federal Coat of Arms takes precedence over the Member States Coat of Arms or Emblems whichever the Member State have in use.

Royal Coat of Arms

The Royal Coat of Arms are classified into two categories, the Royal or Federal Coat of Arms and the Imperial House Coat of Arms. Within these two categories the most commonly used Coat of Arms is the Royal or Federal Coat of Arms which is even typically used by the Diarchs as the official Coat of Arms of use. However, the House of Chayka and the Hosue of Florence-Goring have their own personal Coat of Arms that has been used since the inception of the Royal Houses originally.

Imperial House Coat of Arms

The Imperial House is made up of two of the last remaining Imperial or Royal Houses of Ahrana, House of Mishia-Chayka and House of Florence-Goring. The House of Mishia-Chayka is the Senior House of the two Houses but holds no special privileges, both Imperial Houses are given the same amount of respect due to the fact they are the last remaining Royal Houses that can and are able to trace their lineage back to the House of Olaf during the time of the Empire of Ahrana.

Other Royal/Noble House Coat of Arms

Currently there are two Noble Houses in Ahrana that are connected to one of the two Imperial Houses, House of Bjorkman and the House of Eriksson. The House of Kovach-Zydik is connected to the House of Mishia-Chayka and by birthright is a decendent of the House of Mishia. The House of Asplund was a Royal House in the Kingdom of Uppsund before the last Queen of Uppsund reposed wihtout leaving any heirs behind. the House of Asplund was connected to the House of Florence-Goring and the House of Mishia-Chayka through the Crown Prince of Ahrana, Prince Markus Felix Chayka Asplund.

The House of Eriksson is related to the House of Mishia-Chayka through a relative that was the son of a King from the Imperial House. Today the House of Eriksson has been elevated back to Princely Status, the House is headed by Princess Madeleine Eriksson.

Today, the only Houses to bear the Sheild of the House of Olaf are those of the Imperial Family. The Heraldic Rules created in Ahrana during the era of the first creation of Heraldry states: Only those of the Imperial Bloodline may bear the Sheild of the Empire of Ahrana and of the House of Olaf. The decendents of the House of Olaf are the only Houses allowed to bear the Anicent Shield. Those outside of the Imperial House of Olaf may have the Strongman Heraldic Supporter on the sides of the full Coat of Arms display. Today only two Imperial Houses openly display the Imperial Sheild of the House of Olaf, the House of Mishia-Chayka and the House of Florence-Goring, no other Royal or Noble House may bear the Olaf Sheild unless they are true decendents of the Imperial Bloodline.

Member State Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms of the Full Member States typically follow the same style with a golden wreath with the Member States Regional Sheild in the middle crowned by the Royal Ahranaian Crown. The only exception to this style are the Coat of Arms of Dukedom of Thralhaven and United Provinces of South Dniester as those Regional Government picked different Coat of Arms to use.

Rayon Coat of Arms

Rayons of Moskovo-Peterburi

Rayons of Ahran

Rayons of Tatani

Rayons of Xara

Rayons of Uppsund

Rayons of Elde

Rayons of South Dniester

Protectorate State Coat of Arms/Emblems

The Union of Ahrana also has special status of states called Protectorate States who either enjoy full Member State rights or Special Rights with the Union. Currently the Protectorate States are, the Republic of Stemas, the Federal Republic of Hveradalur, the Grand Duchy of Volhynia, and the United Socialist Republic of North Dniester.

Historical Coat of Arms