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Kingdom of Uppsund

Flag of Uppsund
Coat of arms of Uppsund
Coat of arms
Motto: “As One, we raise ourselves Higher!”
StatusMember State
and largest city
Official languagesSørskandinavien, Ensku (Anglish)
Recognized languagesNorðurskandi, Vestslavisk
GovernmentUnitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
• Diarchs of the United Kingdom of Ahrana
See Monarchs of Ahrana Page'
• Governor-General
• Prime Minister
Isabella Annika Lovin
• President of Parliament
Toril Anna Loffson
LegislatureParliament of the Kingdom (Riksdag)
• Creation of Principality
• Elevation to Dukedom
• Elevation to Kingdom
• Independence from Ahrana
• Rejoined the Union of the United Kingdom of Ahrana
• 2021 census
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
• Total
₭ 84.532 Billion
• Per capita
₭ 3,273.16
CurrencyKrone (₭)
Time zoneAhranaian Standard Time (AST)
Driving sideleft
Calling code+344

The Kingdom of Uppsund is a country on the continent of Argis. It is located to the south of the Kingdom of Ahrana with the Grand Duchy of Elde to the eastern border. The capital of Uppsund is Havsborg, which is located on the western side of the country on the peninsula.


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The lands that make up the Kingdom of Uppsund today were once the lands of the Principality of Uppsund for the Son of King Alexander II of Ahrana of House Chayka. The first Prince to govern the land of Uppsund was Markus Felix Chayka Asplund of House Asplund. The Princely House of Asplund still to this day rule the Kingdom of Asplund which is the longest ruling Ahranaian Dynasty in Ahranaian History with the House of Mishia and Chayka behind them. During the Principality Era the Prince managed to keep peace among the entire land of Uppsund managing to stay out of the Warring Periods of Ahranaian History.

It wouldn't be until 1682 when the Principality was elevated to Dukedom Status. This gave the House of Asplund a claim to the throne under the Alexander II as permitted by law which was passed before his death and the ascension of Alexander III. However, their claim was far down the line, with the Duke of Uppsund being twenty-seventh in line after the Romano Family and the remaining Mishia family. During the Dukedom Era the lands experienced much growth and new freedoms that were permitted by the Duke as he was given free rein over the entirety of Uppsund without interference from the Capital. It would be because of this freedom that during the Rise of the Nationalists that the newly elevated Kingdom would be able to sustain itself.

In 1801, the Dukedom of Uppsund would be elevated to the Status of Member Kingdom to the Union of the United Kingdom of Ahrana. The Duchess of Uppsund would be crowned Queen of Uppsund, making her the first Queen of the lands for the Asplund Dynasty. The Kingdom would like under the Ducal Status enjoy freedoms that most other Member States did not give the relation to the Imperial House. However, the Rise of the Nationalists to power would cause the House of Asplund to drop its claim to the Imperial Throne and in 1912 the Kingdom of Uppsund would succeed from the Union of the United Kingdom of Ahrana. After succession, the Kingdom had ten years of struggle as the Kingdom was not truly ready for such an endeavor such as independence. Yet after the ten-year period of struggles the Kingdom would soon start to flourish with trade and economic growth. The growth continued while the Kingdom of Ahrana and the Grand Duchy of Elde struggled for a few periods. Uppsund would send aid to Elde and to Ahrana throughout the struggle periods that would come to affect each country, but itself would endure to today as a strong economy.


The political system in Uppsund is a Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy, ruled by the House of Asplund. The King/Queen is the Head of Government, then passed down to the eldest child of the Monarch, regardless of the gender of that heir. The House of Asplund has no claim to the Imperial Throne of Ahrana since the house revoked such status in 1912. The Head of State is the Prime Minister of the Kingdom, who is elected from the Parliament, which is headed by the party with the most seats. The Parliament is headed by the President of Parliament, who is the representative to Parliament in the name of the Monarch, since the Monarch cannot step into the chamber. There is also a Judicial which is encompassed of the Supreme Court, the High Court and the Municipal Courts.

Status within the Union of the United Kingdom of Ahrana

The Kingdom of Uppsund is a member state to the Union of the United Kingdom of Ahrana. This means that the Federal Head of Government is also the Diarch of the United Kingdom of Ahrana, and the Federal Head of State is the Chancellor of the United Kingdom of Ahrana. The Kingdom of Uppsund is represented in the international realm by the Federal Government of Ahrana as well with a few other things like External Border Security, Defense, Federal Laws and Federal Taxation. The Government of the Kingdom of Uppsund enjoys freedoms that only two other Member States of the Union do. As it currently stands, the Kingdom of Uppsund has a Self-Defense Force that is a subsection of the Royal Army of the United Kingdom of Ahrana. The Royal Police Forces are a subsection of the Federal Police of the United Kingdom of Ahrana. Additionally, they have a Monarch that is still their monarch that has powers, but at a Regional Level that only pertains to the territory of Uppsund and nowhere else.


The Government of the Kingdom of Uppsund is a Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy that has an Executive, Legislative and Judicial parts of the government. Each section of Government is independent of the other and preforms checks on each other to insure each government section follows the constitution.


The House of Asplund is the reigning house on the Throne of Uppsund, the current Monarch is Queen Christina Anne Alice, who has ruled the Kingdom of Uppsund since 1995. Queen Christina succeed her father King Christian IV to the Throne. She has introduced several Governmental Reforms that give the Head of Government more duties from the Head of State, thus insuring the full neutrality of the Monarchy in all Political decisions. According to the Constitution of Uppsund, the Monarch has prerogative powers that can be used, but have not been used since the inception of the Kingdom of Uppsund Independence in 1912. In addition, the Constitution contains an article protecting the Monarchy from any slander or libel from any Politician or Citizen, which cannot be undone by any article of legislature.

Prime Minister

The Prime Minister is the Head of Government of the Kingdom of Uppsund and forms a Government in the name of the Monarchy of Uppsund to run and govern in the place of the Monarchy. The Prime Minister is elected amongst the Riksdag Party that holds the most seats to form a government after an election. The Prime Minister is elected to a 5-Year term that has no term limits. The current Prime Minister, Isabella Annika Lovin, is the second-longest Prime Minister in the History of Uppsund. The titleholder for longest serving Prime Minister is Former Prime Minister Christian Alexander Stephsson, who was in office from 1912 to 1962 for over fifty years. Prime Minister Lovin has been the Prime Minister since 1980 and at the age of 73 she is the second-oldest Prime Minister in History.

President of Parliament (Riksdag)

The President of the Parliament or Riksdag is the person elected from the Riksdag to chair all sessions of the Riksdag while in session, they create the agenda and ensure all Parliamentary procedures are followed while in session as well as all Constitutional Principles are followed also. The current President is, Toril Anna Loffson, who is the youngest member of the Riksdag to hold the position.

Military and Law Enforcement

The Kingdom of Uppsund has a Self Defense Force made up of Land, Sea and Air Detachments. They act as a subunit to the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom of Ahrana, as well as the Royal Police Force of Uppsund. The Uppsund Self Defense Force is headed by the Minister of Defense, while the Royal Police Force of Uppsund is headed by the Police Commissioner.