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Flag of Mahana

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Flag of Mahana
Flag of Mahana.png
NameRāṣṭriya Jhaṇḍā
UseNational Flag FIAV normal.svg
Proportion2:3 (habitual)
DesignDivided into a horizontal tricolour, the top colour is blue, the middle section is thinner than the top and bottom and is white with the Kharandan Wheel in the middle, the bottom section is a crimson red.

The national flag of Mahana (Mahanan: राष्ट्रिय झण्डा) is one of the national symbols of Mahana. The flag features the Kharandan Wheel, the religious symbol of Gaism, the most prominent religion of Mahana.

The flag was designed by Aakanksha Bista, a Mahanan artist, following the Mahanan Civil War of the early 1990s. It was created using inspiration from previous Mahanan flags and cultures, however modernised by ditching the previous triangular-shaped flags that were synonymous with the nation before the war.

National Flag

Colour Scheme

The flag consists of a horizontal triband, with the central band being thinner than the outer two, that uses, in order, Mahanan Blue[1], a grey-ish white and Mahanan Red[2]. The centrepiece of the flag is the Kharandan Wheel, which is hugely important to the people of Mahana.

Flag of Mahana.png
Colour scheme
Blue White Red
CMYK 92-44-0-42 0-0-0-7 0-100-97-39
Hex triplet #0c5395 #eeeeee #9a0000


The flag waving outside of the Royal Palace, 2008.

The flag was first proposed to parliament by President Saurabh Baidhya, the first president of Mahana following the Mahanan Civil War. The flag was designed by an artist called Aakanksha Bista, whose flag concept had gained national attention as many called for the flag to be presented to the parliament by the Mahanan Congress, which it was in 1993 and was passed as the flag of Mahana.

The symbolism behind the flag isn't too complex. The red represents the freedom of the Hindu population of Mahana, the white represents the bones of those who died so that the Mahanan people could have religious freedoms and the blue represents the freedom of the Buddhist population of Mahana, with the large Kharandan Wheel in the centre representing the obvious majority Gai population of Mahana. Their presence all together on the flag symbolises modern day peace between all religions in Mahana, even those that are minority religions not included on the national flag.


The first known Mahanan Flag.

The first known flag of Mahana can be dated back to the initial founding of Mahana as a united state, almost 1,000 years ago. The flag features a triangular design, common historically amongst Samripe kingdoms and states. The flag was entirely red and featured an early Kukhkri-looking blade that was used by the soldiers of very early Mahana.


Military Flags

Flag Date Use
Mahanan Army Logo.png 1994-present Flag of the Mahanan Army.

Historic Flags

Flag Date Use
Screenshot 2022-02-06 195233.png 1023-1332 Earliest flag of Mahana.
Daruwa and Oriental Company.png 1833-1863 Flags of Delamarian Daruwa.
Old flag of Mahana.png 1332-1992 The second flag of a unified Mahana.


  1. #0c5395 - Mahanan Blue
  2. #9a0000 - Mahanan Red