Arianofv Rheilhhu Rihanha

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Rihan Republican Armed Forces
Arianofv Rheilhhu Rihanha
Rihan military flag.png
Military Flag
Service branchesDraao
Morairi ih'Fvillha
Tal Diann
PraetorMorror Kassus
Defense Minister??
Military age20-25
Conscription5-year obligation
Active personnel668,000
Budget$8.5 billion (2018)
Percent of GDP2.5% (2018)
Domestic suppliersAishkurænd Rheilhhu Rihanha

The Rihan Republican Armed Forces (Rihanh: Arianofv Rheilhhu Rihanha) is responsible for defending the Republic from her enemies and fighting them when needed. The military is made up of the Army (Draao), the Navy (Galæ), the Air Force (Ralaarihsein), the Special Forces (Krannsu), and the Praetorian Guard (Morairi ih'Fvillha). The various military branches are supported by the military intelligence arm (Tal Diann), the logistics division (Talat), and the Corps of Engineers (Agheakæihk). Over 668,000 Rihannsu are active in the military at any one time.

As stated in the constitution of the Republic, the D'Vatta, the Praetor wields supreme military command of all Rihannsu forces and is advised by senior military officials who run Central Command (Raenasa). All citizens are obligated to serve in the military upon receiving their formal citizenship (Plyanazi) at the age of 20 for a term of five years. Following their term, some choose to remain in the forces. Many of the nation's finest generals and admirals have risen through the ranks from lowly legionaries or seamen. Prior to their formal placement, everyone spends 12 weeks in basic training (korvash) before joining one of the myriad branches. Service in the armed forces is viewed with Rihannsu culture as a high honor and fulfilling one's duty as dictated by the virtues of D'era. The Shining Star (Ranam Valassa) medal is the highest award a soldier can attain. An awardee is well-respected both within their family and throughout their community.

Having a glorious career in the military has translated into political power in the Senate back in Dartha. Many senators align themselves with Jaridan, the pro-militarist coalition, ever urging greater material and resources into the military. The Talat, the military's logistics service, is responsible for feeding the war machine from food supplies to ammunition. State-run Aishkurænd Rheilhhu Rihanha provides the firearms, vehicles, munitions, and equipment used on the battlefield.

Army (Draao)

The Army (Draao) makes up the majority, in both men and resources, of the Republican Military. It is one of the oldest institutions of the Republic, with two legions existing as long as the state has been in existence. The men and women of the army have been instrumental in ensuring Rihannsu power and influence across the continent. They were unrivaled until they suffered a catastrophic loss against the Enolians in the first conflict between the two states. Military leadership rigorously poured over logs and restaged events of that war to reshape the army and provide it with the resources it required to strengthen their arms and equipment. A second conflict with the Enolians is currently ongoing and although the army has experienced some setbacks, they are in a much better position than before. The Golden Eagle banners will march wherever the Republic needs to show its power and might at whatever the cost. The responsibility of the army is the protection of the state borders, combat on land, the security of occupied territories, and the defeat of enemy troops.


There are twenty-two standing legions (Khellrea) and 4 auxiliaries (Allhka) that make up the core of the army. Additionally, the Krannsu (special forces), Mosar (armored), and Morlas (artillery) provide support as needed. Each legion totals around 21,000 including logistical staff. The General operates legion activities from their 'fort' (Sæmna). All generals are given their own bodyguard (Moriari ih'Sæmna) to protect them at all times. Soldiers of this well-paid, well-equipped, and fiercely loyal group are known to have been instrumental in the motives of many an ambitious commander turned politician. For better flexibility, the largest sub-units are the 11 regiments (Lagor'val) each made up of 1,000 soldiers. The 1st Regiment of a legion is always half the size of the other ten as only the most veteran members may be assigned to it. Within each regiment, they are further broken down into 10 companies (Rost'val) of 100 soldiers. Each company is further divided into 10 squads (Ter'vals) of 10 soldiers. Every army unit has an extensive logistical staff numbering around 10,000 who are overseen by the Weaponsmaster and the Talat.


  • Each legion is led by a General (Dæus).
  • Colonels (Ssiebh) lead the 11 regiments in each legion.
    • The Colonel of the 1st Regiment is second-in-command of the legion.
    • Colonels have command over auxiliaries (Allhka).
  • Majors (Aendeh) provide support to the Colonels.
    • Each regiment has 2.
  • Companies within each regiment are led by a Lieutenant (Arrain).
  • Squadrons are led by a sergeant (Erien) and aided by a corporal (Erei'Erein).
  • Regular soldiers hold the rank of Gekha while recruits are Farien.
  • The Weaponsmaster (Rianov) oversees the legion's logistics and base. They are third-in-command of the legion.

Navy (Galæ)

The Navy (Galæ) is responsible for ensuring the integrity of Rihan's maritime access. The Rihannsu initially arrived in Aurelia by sea, and though they expanded inwards, the navy has always played a role in the development of the Republic. In the last two decades, substantially more attention has been given to the sea. A new naval shipyard at Mirek was built and five new lines of combat-worthy naval ships designed and laid. Though the Praetor has supreme command over the navy, he relies on the various appointed officers to lead in his name. Admiral (Enriov) Vaebn Suran is the de facto head of the navy and commanding officer of the Soterus. The navy is made up of six flotillas (Hiera), each based in a major seaport. The 1st Flotilla is anchored in the military docks in the Harbor of Be'Qai in Dartha. The Navy also coordinates oversight of the civilian merchant fleet, the Caotai, with the Republican Trading Corporation. The marines are a component of the navy. Alongside the combat fleet, the Galæ maintains dozens of smaller Vadak-class patrol boats.

Order of the Fleet

Galae ih'Digaer'aeleir

Galae ih'Eaidos


  • RNS Soterus (Norexan-Class Battleship)
  • RNS Nelvek (Nelvek-Class Cruiser)
  • RNS Vistian (Theron-Class Destroyer)
  • RNS Avotolius (Theron-Class Destroyer)
  • RNS Ulpiulus (Solian-Class Frigate)
  • RNS Mereidex (Nelvek-Class Cruiser)
  • RNS Goraxus (Solian-Class Frigate)
  • RNS Chilvas (Solian-Class Frigate)
  • RNS Vetruvis (Thalan-Class Frigate)
  • RNS Calius (Solian-Class Frigate)
  • RNS Mattanian (Sethen-Class Fuel Ship)
  • RNS Jalvius (Sarok-Class Supply Ship)


  • RNS Ivarix (Norexan-Class Battleship)
  • RNS Munia (Theron-Class Destroyer)
  • RNS Taptius (Nelvek-Class Cruiser)
  • RNS Serex (Serex-Class Frigate)
  • RNS Lisius (Solian-Class Frigate)
  • RNS Octunus (Solian-Class Frigate)
  • RNS Ligidian (Sethen-Class Fuel Ship)
  • RNS Elvius (Sarok-Class Supply Ship)
  • RNS Postian (Thalan-Class Frigate)


  • RNS Rovaran (Norexan-Class Battleship)
  • RNS Belak (Nelvek-Class Cruiser)
  • RNS Dinaes (Nelvek-Class Cruiser)
  • RNS Gerok (Theron-Class Destroyer)
  • RNS Laenia (Solian-Class Frigate)
  • RNS Aulia (Solian-Class Frigate)
  • RNS Licero (Solian-Class Frigate)
  • RNS Atius (Sarok-Class Supply Ship)
  • RNS Cassia (Sethen-Class Fuel Ship)


  • RNS Tyrava (Nelvek-Class Cruiser)
  • RNS Khazara (Theron-Class Destroyer)
  • RNS Harpia (Theron-Class Destroyer)
  • RNS Malvius (Prelar-Class Cruiser)
  • RNS Siulo (Ralek-Class Frigate)
  • RNS Albanius (Ralek-Class Frigate)
  • RNS Perrix (Solian-Class Frigate)
  • RNS Lalvunius (Sarok-Class Supply Ship)
  • RNS Sulvian (Sethen-Class Fuel Ship)


  • RNS Vindex (Nelvek-Class Cruiser)
  • RNS Atrox (Ralek-Class Frigate)
  • RNS Silipius (Solian-Class Frigate)
  • RNS Ralek (Ralek-Class Frigate)
  • RNS Prelar (Prelar-Class Cruiser)
  • RNS Neriax (Solian-Class Frigate)
  • RNS Clenos (Prelar-Class Cruiser)
  • RNS Ixis (Sarok-Class Supply Ship)
  • RNS Quatenius (Sethen-Class Fuel Ship)


  • RNS Tovarek (Nelvek-Class Cruiser)
  • RNS Livex (Theron-Class Destroyer)
  • RNS Gitius (Theron-Class Destroyer)
  • RNS Phaeros (Phaeros-Class Hospital Ship)
  • RNS Korex (Solian-Class Frigate)
  • RNS Joran (Solian-Class Frigate)
  • RNS Marulian (Solian-Class Frigate)
  • RNS Serok (Sarok-Class Supply Ship)
  • RNS Truntis (Sethen-Class Fuel Ship)


  • Admiral (Enriov)
  • Captain (Riov)
  • Commander, XO (Rh'iov)
  • Centurion (Arrain)
  • Ensign (Erein)
  • Trinam
  • Secondam
  • Equitoriam

Air Force (Ralaarihsein)

The Air Force (Ralaarihsein) is responsible for safeguarding Rihan's skies. It is commanded by the Praetor through the Ihaelaha or Air Marshal. Since most of the Republic is on land, security of the air is vital. The branch possesses a range of fighters, bombers, and transport aircraft. They also have a collection of multi-purpose helicopters to provide support.


The Wing (Vastam) is the largest organizational component, made up of 2 groups (Efvir). Within each group, there are 4 squads (Ehrefv). Of the squadrons, there are flights (Aevr) and elements (Jaeih). The air force's combat strength consists of eight wings. This translates into 64 squadrons. There are also four wings of support aircraft and helicopters. In total, the air force has 716 aircraft and approximately 45,000 on duty.


The air force uses the following aircraft:

  • Vas Hatham (Bird of Prey) Fighters
  • Vas'deletham Interceptor
  • Mogai Multirole Fighters
  • Vas'kalabam Air Superiority Fighters
  • T'liss Multipurpose Helicopters
  • Dhelan Transport Aircraft


The Air Force used a modified rank structure involving some ranks from the Army and Navy.

Special Forces (Krannsu)

The Special Forces (Krannsu) are trained to conduct special operations including but not limited to special reconnaissance/military intelligence, unconventional warfare, psyops, and counter-terrorism actions. They are commanded by the Praetor but cooperate with the Tal Diann on missions. Its manpower is a fifth the size of a standing legion. Within the branch, there are two divisions: Delona (adaptive combat) and Kalen (short insertion/deployment). Krannsu units maintain a roughly parallel rank system as found in the army. When they need to get equipment to complete a task, there are no questions and its made available to them. These units maintain several classified facilities in the deep jungles for training purposes. Soldiers of the special forces use the ranking system of the Army. They can take on alternative roles like the marines and paratroopers of other nations as missions dictate.

The Praetorian Guard

The Praetorian Guard is solely responsible for the protection of the presiding leader of the Republic, the Praetor. They are one of only two military units, besides the Dartha City Guard, allowed to be armed within the confines of the capital. The Guard operates out of a barracks within the Praetor's Palace complex.

The total number of Praetorians is 4,500 soldiers, though only a third are on active duty at any time except in times of war. Praetorian soldiers are widely considered the most honorable and battle-hardened fighters in the entire Republic, many of whom have served as the most experienced centurion in their respective army unit, others have shown to be highly dedicated and showed tremendous courage and valor while in battle, being recommended personally to join the Guard by their commanding officers. There are even a few members who have earned highest military honors and awarded a position within the Praetorians by the Praetor himself.

When in the thick of actual combat, the Praetorians have access to the best weaponry in the Republic, but most of the time they are acting as ceremonial guards and are seen equipped with arms that most would consider ancient relics. These include Lirash polearms, Bazdja spears, Vrelnec swords, and Neca daggers. Their uniform consists of purple crested helmets and black armor while on ceremonial duty but dons a more practical battle variant of their uniform when on the battlefield.

The Praetorian Guard, despite its honorable reputation, has been potentially involved, though not confirmed, in the dangerous environment of Rihannsu politics from taking bribes to outright assassinating their sole charge, the Praetor. The Praetorians are commanded by their Prefect, Orus Liravek.