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King Raju II

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Raju II
of the Mahani
King Tribhuvan (cropped).png
Raju II in 1944, pictured in the Jutpandi Royal Palace
Raju III
Reign23rd February 1932 – 5th August 1988
PredecessorRajya III
SuccessorRaju III
BornRaju Abhikka Tanganapashi Misra
8 March 1927
Jutpandi Royal Hospital, Nuragara Province, Mahana
Died16 January 1992
Jutpandi Royal Palace
DynastyMisra Dynasty

King Raju II (b; 8 March 1927-16 January 1992, Raju Abhikka Tanganapashi Misra) was King of Mahana from 1932 to 1988. Born in Jutpandi, the capital city of Mahana, he ascended to the royal throne aged 5, upon the death of his father Rajya Lakshmi Devi Misra. He was crowned on the 23rd February 1932, with his mother and a group of advisors acting as regent for him.

Early Life

Raju was born in the Jutpandi Royal Hospital on the 8th March 1927 to Rajya Lakshmi Devi Misra and Sabina Sadaula. He had a younger brother, also named Raju who was born a few years after himself in 1930. Little is known of his very early childhood, other than that he was raised in the Jutpandi Royal Palace and attended a local privately educated school


Raju II on the day of his coronation in 1932.

Due to the sudden passing of his father in January 1932, he was left to be placed on the throne as his successor. He ascended to the throne aged 5, with his coronation taking place on the 23rd February 1932 at the Hanuman Dhoka Palace in Jutpandi. Due to his young age, a group of advisors which included his mother Sabina became his regent, making decisions until the leader was of age to do so himself. His regin was highly controversial with the Mahanan people, who believed that he wasn't fit to rule due to his age and lack of experience, being Mahana's youngest ever ruler.

Royal Career