Leverne Islands

Levene Islands

The Levene Islands is a group of islands located off the southern edge of PyeMcGowan. The islands has a complicated political position as it is not a province of PyeMcGowan but a Semi-Independent Principality of PyeMcGowan(See more Royal Administrative Divisions of PyeMcGowan) this means that the islands have a Prince, who is Prince Henry of the Leverne Islands, a Parliament and even elects it’s own 1st Minister who acts as its head of Government. Today the islands have a population of 2.5 Million and they are all thought Anglish, Pyenglish, Welsch and Prymontian throughout their schooling. The reason behind the Prymontian presence dates back to the Middle Ages, since after the new Kingdom of PyeMcGowan annexed more land across the southern coast, from there a group of 2750 settlers set off to claim the archipelago for PyeMcGowan, but unknowingly, they arrived at the same time as other settlers from Prymontian. The two groups met 2 months after they had arrived, and nobody knew what to do. So the leader of the PyeMcGowians, Sir Walter Fieldston, went to the other settlers’ city to broker a deal, The Islands become PyeMcGowian in return for continuation of Prymontian culture for as long as the islands may last, and more than adequate funding from the crown, and they later accepted. It is still unknown where in Prymont they came from.