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Mahanan Paisi

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Mahanan Paisi
Paisi - पाइसी
50 Paisi.png
The 50 Paisi note [1]
ISO 4217
 Freq. used5रु, 10रु, 20रु
 Rarely used50रु
 Freq. used10₾, 50₾, 1रु
Date of introduction1 January 1992
User(s) Mahana
Central bankBank of Mahana
Inflation3.6% (2021)

The Mahanan Paisi (Mahanan: माहानान पाइसी) is the official currency in the Federal Democratic Republic of Mahana. The issuance of the currency is controlled by the Bank of Mahana, which is the central bank of Mahana. The Paisi was introduced following the Mahanan Civil War in the early 1990s.


The Bank of Mahana oversees and dictates all monetary policy for the national currency. Perum Peruri, a Koto mint company, handles the minting of coins. The Ghobari Banknote Printing Press handles the printing and designing of all banknotes. The Paisi is the only legal tender accepted in Mahana.


Coin Designs

Since 2003, Mahanan coins have been produced by Perum Peruri, the mint company of Kotowari

Image Value Description
Obverse Reverse
Mahanan 1 Nuble.png 10₾ 15 mm Kharandan Wheel Denomination and year
Mahanan 3 Nuble.png 50₾ 20 mm Kharandan Wheel Denomination and year
Mahanan 2 Nuble.png 1रु 24 mm Kharandan Wheel Denomination and year

Notes Designs

Image Value Year Dimensions
Main colour
Obverse Reverse
border|120px TBC 5रु  2020 146 x 77 mm Purple
[TBE|border|120px]] TBC 10रु  2020 146 x 77 mm Blue
border|120px TBC 20रु  2020 146 x 77 mm Red
50 Paisi.png TBC 50रु  2020 146 x 77 mm Orange


  1. -Credit to Kertosono for the design