Andro Film Festival

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Andro Film Festival
Goldene Kamera.JPG
The Andro Golden Camera.[a]
Formation14 June 1953; 70 years ago (1953-06-14)
PurposeSupporting and promoting the art of film
Region served
Official language
HRH Alesia Nabérrie

The Andro Film Festival is an annual film festival that takes place in the coastal city of Andro. The festival was established in 1953 as a platform to showcase and recognize the best in local and international cinema. The festival's primary focus is on independent films, and it is known for its commitment to promoting new and emerging voices in the film industry.

The festival is organized by the Andro Academy of Fine Arts, with the goal of promoting and supporting the local film industry. The festival takes place over a period of 10 days, and it includes screenings of feature films, documentaries, and short films, as well as panel discussions, workshops, and other events.

The festival features a competitive section with several awards categories, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Cinematography, among others. The festival also features a non-competitive section, showcasing films that are considered notable or significant by the festival's selection committee.

The Andro Film Festival has grown in popularity over the years, and it has become an important event in the international film calendar. It is considered one of the most prestigious film on Eurth and is known for its commitment to promoting and recognizing independent cinema. The festival has become a platform for emerging filmmakers to showcase their work and connect with industry professionals, and it continues to be a vital force in the film industry.


The festival features a competitive section with various awards categories, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Cinematography, among others. The jury is composed of film professionals from various fields and is dedicated to the recognition of the outstanding film achievements.

Best Picture

The Best Picture is awarded the ‘Golden Camera’, a symbol of excellence in the film industry.

Year Film Director(s) Country of origin
1953 The Golden Age $director  Orioni
1954 $film $director $country
1955 $film $director $country
1956 $film $director $country
1957 $film $director $country
1958 $film $director $country
1959 $film $director $country
1960 The Lost Generation John Doe  Orioni
1961 The Sea of Memories Jane Smith  Lysia
1962 The Silent Scream Michael Williams  Great Anglia
1963 A Different Dawn Sarah Johnson  Cristina
1964 The Last Stand David Lee  Tamurin
1965 Beyond the Horizon Juan Gomez  Red Iberos
1966 The Road Less Travelled Emma Williams  Deltannia
1967 The Choices We Make James Smith  Niederoestereich
1968 Ashes to Ashes Madison Brooks $ThalassaCountry
1969 The Endless Summer Olivia Chen  San Ba
1970 The Rising Tide Martin Thompson $AureliaMarenesiaCountry
1971 Whispers in the Wind Alice Taylor $AureliaMarenesiaCountry
1972 Echoes of the Past Peter Brown $AureliaMarenesiaCountry
1973 Time for Change Claire Rodriguez $AlharuArgisCountry
1974 The Road to Redemption[b] Mark Davis  Ide Jima
1975 The Last Illusion Karen Lee $AureliaMarenesiaCountry
1976 Truth Behind the Lies John Martinez $AureliaMarenesiaCountry
1977 The Sea of Peace $director  Gallambria
1978 Dreams and Nightmares Michael Thompson $AureliaMarenesiaCountry
1979 The Price of Freedom Susan Kim  Orioni
1980 The Final Frontier David Johnson $AlharuArgisCountry
1981 The Lost Tribe $director $AlharuArgisCountry
1982 Jane Mambo Alan Smithee  Orioni
1983 Kimmerzan Ciaran Loinsigh  Gaellicia
1984 A New Beginning John Smith $AlharuArgisCountry
1985 The Road to Hope Karen Lee $AlharuArgisCountry
1986 The Last Chance Louise Parker $AlharuArgisCountry
1987 Sands of Time $director $ThalassaCountry
1988 The Final Countdown James Lee $ThalassaCountry
1989 The Last Breath Sarah Davis $ThalassaCountry
1990 The Changing Times Robert Taylor  Deltannia
1991 Desert Sunrise $director  Qubdi
1992 Broken Wings $director  Great Anglia
1993 Voices in the Dark $directorn  Tamurin
1994 The Lost Village $director  Lysia
1995 From the Ashes $director  Cristina
1996 Silent Storm $director  Red Iberos
1997 The Unseen $director  Niederoestereich
1998 The Power of Love Sarah Davis $ThalassaCountry
1999 A Different Kind of Love $director  San Ba
2000 The Rise of the Phoenix $director $EuropaCountry
2001 $film $director  Kotowari
2002 The Ties That Bind Louise Parker  Volsci
2003 $film $director $AureliaMarenesiaCountry
2004 $film $director $AlharuArgisCountry
2005 $film $director $AureliaMarenesiaCountry
2006 $film $director $AureliaMarenesiaCountry
2007 $film $director $AureliaMarenesiaCountry
2008 $film $director $AureliaMarenesiaCountry
2009 $film $director $AureliaMarenesiaCountry
2010 Mellem Brødre Per Klostergaard  Littland
2011 Threat Level Midnight Tucker Gates  Salvia
2012 $film $director $AureliaMarenesiaCountry
2013 $film $director $AlharuArgisCountry
2014 $film $director $AlharuArgisCountry
2015 $film $director  Orioni
2016 $film $director $AlharuArgisCountry
2017 $film $director $AlharuArgisCountry
2018 Crazy Rich Orientals Yonei Michu  Orioni
2019 $film $director $AlharuArgisCountry
2020 $film $director $AureliaMarenesiaCountry
2021 $film $director $ThalassaCountry
2022 Jivana Dhan Bamrel  Mahana
2023 The Silver Silhouette[1] Oliviero Beneti  Orioni


  1. OOC. Placeholder name. To be replaced by The Andro Silver Lighthouse. This is a reference to "the silver screen" and Andro's location as a coastal city.
  2. OOC. Possibly related to the Long War.